Aliquisd is Aliquis’ daemon. It is designed to manage and run custom hosts in production environments.

Those hosts must be put in /var/lib/aliquisd/hosts.

Aliquisd can be started by running in the terminal:


After the startup, the program goes in daemon mode, waiting for commands.

The aliquisctl command can be used to issue commands to aliquisd. There are four main commands usually used:

  • aliquisctl host list: lists all installed hosts
  • aliquisctl host run <host> [<args>]: launch a host with provided arguments
  • aliquisctl proc list: lists running processes (hosts)
  • aliquisctl proc halt <pid>: halt a running process (host)

There are other useful commands that can be explored with aliquisctl -h.

To stop aliquisd, the fastest way is to kill it: sudo pkill -f aliquisd. Please note that running hosts will be killed too.