Introducing Aliquis™

Aliquis™ presents a rich set of features for prototyping and deploying real world applications for complex scene understanding and industrial manufacturing processing.

By exploiting three unique building blocks (patches, stages, and pipelines) coupled with a human-readable syntax, Aliquis enables users with no programming skills to achieve industry-level applications in the Computer Vision domain.

A runtime system, extendible in C/C++, CUDA, and Python, is available for several architectures (x86, x64, arm, HPC, GoogleCloud).

Well-documented APIs including OpenCV, Berkeley Caffe and Libsvm functionalities are ready out-of-the-box.


In the following video, Aliquis™ is used to detect a dog walking in a garden and to classify it with a convolutional neural network trained on the ImageNet database.

Aliquis™ in Capped Mode

Aliquis™ in Capped Mode is a publicly available version of Aliquis™. This software contains all the most important building blocks of Aliquis™ and can be used free-of-charge for non-commercial applications (CC License BY-NC-ND)

Following documentation refers to Aliquis™ in Capped Mode.

Please get in touch with us if you need further support for industrial applications.