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Package Latest Version Doc Dev License linux-64noarch Summary
aliquis-cpu 2.2.1 Bioretics X Aliquis machine vision framework
aliquis-gpu 2.2.1 Bioretics X Aliquis machine vision framework
exempi 2.4.5 dev BSD exempi is a port of Adobe XMP SDK to work on UNIX
flask-jsonrpc 0.3.1 BSD X Adds JSONRPC support to Flask.
libexempi 2.4.5 BSD X Exempi is a library to parse XMP metadata as defined by the specification.
libusb 1.0.22 LGPL X libusb is a library for USB device access from Linux, macOS, Windows,...
libusb-compat-0.1 0.1.7 LGPL X A compatibility layer allowing applications written for libusb-0.1 to...
segyio 1.8.6 LGPL X Fast Python library for SEGY files.
sglock 2.29 SG X SG-Lock USB Copy Protection System USB Dongle
sglock-tools 2.0.0 Bioretics X SG-Lock Bioretics tools
xmp-toolkit 2.0.1 BSD X Python XMP Toolkit for working with metadata.
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